The end of an era: multicultural communities in Sydney and Melbourne make the switch to Digital-only TV signals

Australian free-to-air television is now digital-only after analog TV signals were switched off in Sydney (3 December) and Melbourne (10 December).


Indigenous communities across Australia are now watching digital-only free-to-air TV

Since 2010, the Department of Communications, Digital Switchover Taskforce (DST) campaign team has worked with Winangali, a specialist Indigenous communications company, to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders across Australia were prepared for the switch to digital-only television.

National wrap-up

Welcome to a new era in Australian television

On 10 December the final analog signals that have served our TV airways for more than 50 years were switched off, marking the completion of Australia’s switch to digital-only television.

BTQ Outside Telecast Mobile Van (Credit: Channel Seven Brisbane)

Australia’s switch to digital-only television marks an important part in its history

Over four years and spanning across 15 switchover regions, more than 8 million households across Australia have made the transition to digital-only television.

Technician on a roof installing a satellite dish

It’s the final countdown to the switch off of all analog TV signals across Australia

As the final three regions prepare to permanently switch off analog TV signals in December, it is not long before all 8.7 million households across Australia are watching digital-only free-to-air TV.


Meet the NT DSLOs: helping the top end make the switch

The Northern Territory is more than a stone’s throw from country Victoria and NSW central west where NT Digital Switchover Liaison Officers (DLSO) Noah Pleshet and John Reid were raised, but it’s exactly where the two have found themselves.

Pictured: Robert Lester and Kayne Moreton

Indigenous groups in Sydney and surrounding areas are preparing for the switch to digital-only TV

During October Winangali Officers Sam and Meg hit the road to visit Indigenous communities across Sydney and surrounding areas, to talk to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members about preparing for the switch to digital-only TV signals before the switch on 3 December.

Liverpool Mature Aged Greek Support Group

Information sessions continue to link the Taskforce with local multicultural communities in Sydney

Stakeholder and community engagement has been a critical component of the Digital Switchover campaign, none more so than for the many culturally and linguistically diverse communities of Sydney and Melbourne.

Coober Pedy

Digital TV underground in the hottest place in Australia

Imagine watching digital free-to-air TV under the ground with perfect sound and picture. This is a reality in Coober Pedy, the hottest place in Australia where residents live in homes built in the cooler red earth beneath the surface.

Help friends and family get digital ready

December sees the final three regions switch to digital-only TV!

In less than two months, more than 8.7 million households across Australia will be watching digital-only free-to-air TV.